Unique and limited edition textiles and products


Take time to explore a wealth of handmade textile creations created by designers Patricia Ann Dillon and Patricia Ann Worrall

The textiles and products we produce are a result of many years of friendship and creative exchange.  Everything we make is born out of love and care and originates from the recycling of items, memories and the happy moments that have been central to our lives. Nature is our key inspiration for our latest collections, born out of our concern for sustainability and preservation. We have taken a micro vision of our natural surroundings, coastal and country.  Using our own photographic reference, we have observed moss, bark, stone, lichen and wild floras to inform our textile interpretations. Our present focus is primarily on trim, scarves and accessories, which we will now begin to develop into textile pieces and garment proposals

We offer you the opportunity to view our unique collections. Please contact us for further details

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